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Bevel Back
This is our most popular style of weatherboard. Its angled profile throws shadow lines that stripe along your wall.
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CERTeCLAD Bevel Back Weatherboard

Rustic weatherboards are a more traditional look. Its flush surface with negative detail is commonly used with a band sawn surface for a rougher more rustic-charm feel.
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CERTeCLAD Rusticated Weatherboard
Vertical Shiplap
Vertical shiplap weatherboards provide a range of negative detail options to create a pinstripe appearance.
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CERTeCLAD Vertical Shiplap Weatherboard

Why You Should Choose Timber Weatherboards

Timber weatherboards have been in use for over 100 years in New Zealand.  When installed correctly, they provide an excellent cladding. Timber won't crack or crumble like concrete and brick will, and because it has the ability and flexibility to move, timber will often fare better that rigid materials (brick, concrete, etc) in an earthquake.

About CodeMark

CodeMark product certification is a voluntary scheme that provides an easily-understood and robust way to show that a building product or system meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. It was developed by the Australian Building Codes Board and the New Zealand Department of Building and Housing, in consultation with State and Territory Governments, Industry Groups and prospective Certifications Bodies.

What it means for you

A CodeMark-certified product or construction method must be accepted by any building consent authority as complying with the Building Code, as long as it is used as specified. It not only guarantees that the territorial authority will accept the system as complying with the Building Code, but also gives you peace-of-mind knowing that the system has under-gone testing, investigations, and audits to prove that it will stand the test of time.

Available on Masterspec

Timspec, manufacturers of CertClad Timber Weatherboards, have chosen Masterspec, New Zealand’s leading specifications tool, to supply complete technical details via Branded Sections on Masterspec’s Nextgen2 operating platform. Correct data for both Horizontal and Vertical profiles has been pre-written into these sections for you to quickly complete your specification and links to complete Technical Data are available from within the system.

Visit the Masterspec website

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